Winter News 2016

Chiropractic in the media

Chiropractic has been getting a rough trot in the popular press lately; most recently as the result of a chiropractor posting a video of himself treating a 4 day old baby on You Tube.

For those unfamiliar with what we do the treatment looks unduly forceful and unfortunately just provides easy ammunition for our opponents. For some years now we have been strongly advised to be cautious about anything posted on social media and it is hard not to be disappointed with the damaging actions of those who fail to adhere to these guidelines.

Most of what gets reported is hearsay and inaccurate. Current research has proven chiropractic to be an extremely safe and effective form of treatment and those that are intent on criticising us at every turn seem to be driven by irrational prejudice. Our profession has been working hard to fund further research to validate what we see working in our offices every day. Research is very resource intense and unfortunately we don’t have the backing of wealthy drug companies in this endeavour. It is a slow process.

It is our effective intervention into the extremely common and debilitating condition of spinal pain without resorting to the use of drugs or surgery that sets us apart and we are most proud of.

If you have any concerns about anything you read in the press, please raise it with us, we are very happy to discuss these matters. Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support and confidence in what we do.

Baby News


We would also like to announce the addition of a beautiful baby boy to the Jowett and Moulton family. Cameron supported his wife Caitlin through a breech delivery of their first born, Thomas Joseph Miles, on May 9th weighing in at 3.284kg.

Cameron seems to have taken to fatherhood wellunnamed, but don’t hesitate to bring him a coffee if you’re booked in for an early morning massage appointment.

Yours in health,

Andrew Moulton and all at J&M

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