The benefits of being flexible

Most people know they should stretch their muscles before they exercise, but what happens if you stretch all the time?

If you make a conscious effort to stretch all your muscles throughout the day, not just before or after you exercise, you may discover some surprising benefits.

Fewer injuries

Stretching can decrease the risk of muscle-related injuries during physical activity. You’ll develop strength, flexibility, and muscle balance. Balancing your muscles enables your body to withstand more physical stress, and is achieved by stretching all of your muscles correctly.

More strength

As you become more flexible it’s important to build your strength as well. This ensures you muscles will have the correct amount of tension so they can provide enough strength to support you, and all your movements. This means you will become fitter in whatever you do.

Less pain

Do you experience stiffness and aching muscles after carrying out activities or physical tasks you don’t normally do? If you make an effort to open and lengthen your muscles, you may be able to reduce that

Better balance

Better balance and improved posture are also surprising benefits that may help you in every area of your life. With regular stretching, your body may correct any imbalances in your alignment. Your range of motion will improve, helping with everyday movements such as sitting and standing.

A positive mind

Finally, stretching can even pave the way for a positive state of mind. You may find it easier to unwind and relax with a body that’s free of aches and pains.

Getting rid of tension and loosening your muscles can have some amazing benefits. However, be wary of starting any stretching exercises if you suffer from an injury or chronic condition. Talk to your health professional if you have any health concerns.

This article originally appeared in the September/ October edition of your chiropractor. Come in to Jowett and Moulton Chiropractors in the Melbourne CBD to claim your copy today.