Stay Positive

An image of a coffee cup with the quote 'Today is going to be a good day" on it, and a sheep standing next to it looking happy. The mind-body connection is incredibly strong and what you think may often become your reality.

Numerous research articles have shown how negative emotions can harm the body. Sustained stress, fear, anger or anxiety can alter our biology and wear down the various systems in our body which may eventually lead to the development of certain illnesses.

It has been suggested that a positive outlook on life strengthens the immune system, cardiovascular system (optimists have fewer heart attacks), and the body’s ability to handle stress. Often at times where things aren’t going well, it can be extremely difficult to think positively. However, being able to do so can enable you to cope better with the situation.

Your outlook on life and the thoughts that go through your head can have a significant impact on both your psychological and physical well-being.

So, when things are getting you down how do you make the shift to feeling positive? Specifically doing something that you know you will enjoy is a great place to start. This might be catching up with a friend, watching a funny movie, retail therapy, or visiting your chiropractor for a well-deserved alignment!

Whatever it is, make it a priority so that you actively bring something positive into your world. It’s amazing the difference it can make going forward.

This article first appeared in the September/ October Your Chiropractor Newsletter. You can download the full newsletter here, or come in and see us in the Melbourne CBD to pickup a hard copy for free. 

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