Practice Update – September

Over the last few weeks in Melbourne it’s no longer ‘winter is coming,’ it’s ‘winter is well and truly here.’ We may as well be living on an iceberg.

Winter is often a time when people struggle to get motivated to exercise, keep their appointments, or even just leave the house.

If you’re not looking after yourself properly, we know that, sooner or later, this will lead to pain.

When you’re in pain, it’s all you can really think about. It’s all that sticks in your mind, and you’d do anything to make it go away. Of course, for the vast majority of our patients at J&M, this pain is the result of many years of bad posture, low levels of activity, a poor diet and more.

All of these, over time, build up to eventually cause us pain. The pain is what you feel and think about most, but it’s our job to open your eyes to the entire picture and show you what’s really happening beneath the pain. There is so much more to what makes up pain, much like there is so much more to an iceberg than just the tip. Think about what lies beneath. Pain is usually the last symptom to appear along this process, and the first to disappear once you get treatment.

What’s far more important is addressing the underlying faults that are causing this pain. Chiropractic not only does an excellent job of decreasing pain, but it also works to improve your spine and body to allow optimal movement and function. It’s maintaining this healthy movement and function that is the most important part.

Not only will you continually enjoy the benefits of increased health, but you also significantly decrease the likelihood of a recurrence of your pain. This winter, try to maintain a good exercise routine, eat well, get enough sleep, and of course, keep up regular adjustments to stay healthy and happy.

Dr Flynn Pettersson


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