Pillow Talk

Patients are often asking us about beds and pillows. How you sleep and what you sleep on are very important. If you are spending 8 hours in bed at night that adds up to one third of your life…so it needs to be done properly.

The sense of comfort with beds and pillows is very subjective and varies a great deal from one person to the next. However, all beds must provide adequate support for your spine. The shapes and curves of your spine should be properly supported when you are lying down. Any mattress of decent quality should provide this. The softness/comfort factor in the mattress is provided by the foam on top… sometimes called the pillow top. A softer mattress will have thicker cushioning, but should still support your spine adequately.

The primary support in the mattress is provided by the coils and the density of the coils is usually related to the price. Having said that, pricing with mattresses is a tricky business. No one ever pays full price for a mattress. They are always heavily discounted and even then a hefty margin is usually made. You do not need to spend vast sums of money on a mattress. We are happy to make
recommendations if you need.

You would have seen pillows in the practice. We always recommend a contoured pillow. These are designed to support the curve in your neck, whether you are lying on your back or on your side (NEVER sleep on your tummy). Again, we are happy to demonstrate our pillows to you and make recommendations if you wish.

Something worth noting is that many of the back conditions that we deal with feel better with movement and will stiffen up and feel more painful with lack of movement. Therefore, if you are waking with a stiff and sore back or neck in the morning it doesn’t necessarily mean that your mattress and pillow is at fault, though this is always worth checking.

Happy sleeping.
Andrew Moulton and Frank Jowett and all of us at Jowett & Moulton Chiropractors

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