Chiropractic researchers lead call for change to low back pain management

The Lancet has published a landmark series of articles on low back pain, addressing the issues around the disorder and calling for worldwide recognition of the disability associated with the disorder.

The series calls on health practitioners to stop providing ineffective and harmful treatments which cost patients and healthcare systems alike. The articles point out the difference between what works best in relation to back pain and what actually occurs in many countries. This includes the frequent use of unnecessary or harmful medicine, redundant scans and surgery rather than information, training and more effective treatments including treatments commonly provided by chiropractors.

Led by Professor Rachelle Buchbinder from Monash University in Melbourne, this series comes from an international group of authors including Associate Professor Alice Kongsted (chiropractor) and Professors Jan Hartvigsen (chiropractor) and Chris Maher. World Federation of Chiropractic President, Dr Espen Johannessen recently commented, “This is a huge opportunity for chiropractic to be part of the solution for low back pain. As highly trained conservative spine care experts, chiropractors are trained to deliver many of the best practices recommended for low back pain. Manual therapy, including spinal manipulation, therapeutic advice, exercise prescription and rehabilitation techniques are all within the scope of practice of a chiropractor. Furthermore, chiropractors’ utilization of the biopsychosocial model also takes into account patients’ attitudes and beliefs about their low back pain and can help outcomes by providing valuable education, advice and reassurance.”

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