Broccoli’s underrated cousin

Every time your parents told you to eat your broccoli, they were neglecting its muchunderrated cousin, cauliflower. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can include in your diet, but cauliflower, another cruciferous family member, is equal to its greener counterpart as a nutrition powerhouse.

Adding one cup of cooked cauliflower to your dinner plate can offer up to 77 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin C, 19 percent of your daily Vitamin K, and eight percent of your daily Manganese amount. It’s also only 25 calories, making it a nutrient-rich vegetable that doesn’t add a lot to your daily total.

Everyone knows that colourful vegetables tend to offer the most health benefits, but people are starting to understand that cauliflower is an exception to that rule. It might not be the prettiest vegetable, but it is rich in vitamins, folate, fibre, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. What’s more, you can also buy it in orange, purple, and green – with orange cauliflower offering 25 times as much vitamin A as white cauliflower. It’s clear to see why it ranks within the 25 most nutrient-rich vegetables in existence.

Cauliflower has numerous health benefits. Its vitamins and minerals can fight free radicals to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, while the fibre content is beneficial for digestive health. Studies, such as a review in the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, show an association between a high consumption of cruciferous vegetables and a reduced risk of cancer.

If you need another reason to consume more cauliflower, it has great versatility. You can eat it raw, sautéed, boiled, roasted, or even in pizza dough or as a sauce base. Include it as part of your five cup minimum weekly recommendation for cruciferous vegetables, and get creative with how you serve it.

Although cauliflower is generally safe to eat, increased consumption may cause bloating and wind. If you are on bloodthinning medication, keep your vitamin K intake consistent every week.

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