Autumn News

The past couple of days the mercury has dropped and it seems our Indian summer is finally drawing to a close. With daylight saving finishing, there is no denying that autumn is upon us.


With Easter just around the corner, if you haven’t yet entered our “guess the number of eggs” competition you had better get a wriggle on. We can tell you they are mostly Haigh’s eggs and well worth winning.

In recent years we have had news of births and marriages (not necessarily in that order) to share, but we have a drought in that department at the moment. However, Chad finally popped the question to his lovely partner Lucinda and they are both shoulder deep in planning for next year’s “wedding of the year”.

Many patients are asking us about standing desks. They are mostly a very good idea with the primary benefit being that they get you moving more. Whether they are appropriate for you will depend on you particular spine and any ongoing issues you may have. Standing all day may well cause more problems than it resolves. Ideally you should be able to easily transition from a sitting position to standing and back again. When standing it is a good idea to rest one foot on a block, approximately the size of a house brick, and swapping periodically from one foot to the other. This puts your pelvis in a better position and will take some of the pressure out of your low back. Please ask us about your particular ergonomic requirements.

Yours in health

Andrew Moulton




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